Why should I study in Canada?

Bangladeshi student are highly interested to study in Canada although so many other countries are offering higher education opportunities. Students are continuously looking for better opportunities to study abroad. Canada is among the top choices for the international students. There are few reasons behind it as well. First of all, Canadian universities are well recognized all around the world because of their education standards. It also means that you are guaranteed to get a quality education if you study in Canada.


Second of all, as a student your study permit will indicate if you are able to work off campus or not. But do not worry, majority of the students are allowed to do part time work. You will be allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week while your program is in session. Also, you can work full-time during scheduled breaks in the academic year. If i talk about part time work a bit more then you should know that earnings can vary from CAD$14 to CAD$19 per hour in different cities so income is pretty good as well.

Finally, after completing your bachelor or masters you will get a 3 years Post Study Work Permit (PSWP). If you can arrange a job within this time then you can apply for Canadian residence permit.

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