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Every year, a large number of Bangladeshi students send their applications to study in Malta. And why shouldn’t they? Malta is a small southern European country located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is well known as a popular tourist destination. Malta is one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries in Europe with a total population of around 420,000. There are few reputed universities and colleges in Malta where students can study their desired programs.  

There are so many advantages of studying in Malta, which is why Bangladeshi students are highly interested for it. To begin with, Malta is one of the safest places to study. The environment is very friendly and healthy especially for the international students to concentrate on their studies. Students can apply for their desired course without IELTS. Scholarship is also available for the bright students. International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week to support their costs. 

Over the past couple of years, The advantages of studying in Malta has become a major international education center, attracting scholars and students from all corners of the world including but not limited to USA, UK, Netherlands, South Africa, India, China etc. The cultural diversity is a value proposition for students and it is complemented by the affordable standard of living and competitive ranked universities in comparison with other institutions within Europe.

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★ Popular courses that you can study in Malta ★

Business StudiesComputing and ITHospitality Management

★★ List of some reputed institutes in Malta ★★

University NameWorld Rankings
University of Malta 817th
Malta College of Arts Science & Technology  9938th
Institute of Tourism Malta 
American University of Malta  
Middlesex University Malta  21039th  
ITIS Malta Tourism Institute24672nd
European Institute of Education  27264th
 Domain Academy
Advenio eAcademy  
London School of Commerce  

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How about Scholarship ?

Up to €5,000 Euro scholarship available which is equivalent to 5,00,000/- taka. Register now and get this opportunity.

★★★ Cost of Studying in Malta ★★★

Malta can be an affordable country for higher education compared to a lot of other European countries. Mostly private institutes are very costly in terms of yearly tuition fees but there are public institutes where you can study by paying reasonable fees. Cost of living in Malta is around 300 – 400 Euros per month. We are sharing an average annual cost of tuition fees so that you get an idea.  

Serial no.

Study Programs

Average Annual Fees (in EUR*)


Undergraduate / Bachelor Degree

EUR 6,000 to EUR 9,000 per year


Postgraduate / Master’s Degree

EUR 6,700 to EUR 12,000 per year


PhD / Doctoral Degree

EUR 8,000 to EUR 11,000 per year