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Hi, You will find a list of countries below from where you can choose your study abroad destination. You can check the admission requirements, your eligibility, scholarship availability, fees and many more from here. Feel free to contact us for a free counselling. You are welcome ask us any question that you want to know.   

Study in Canada

Study in Canada through Yatra Education Services.

Canada is one of the most popular and cost effective study destination for higher education. As a result, good number of Bangladeshi students prefer to study in Canada. So, the question is why ? For instance, Canada is well recognized for having the world’s best education systems and remarkable academic programs in different field of studies. Apart from the quality of education, Canada also offers benefits like, part time working opportunities, good income flow, student’s safety, cultural diversity and permanent residence opportunities. These are few notable reasons for Bangladeshi students to choose Canada as their higher study destination.

Study abroad in UK

Study in abroad Uk through Yatra Education Services.

Why should someone study in UK ? There are plenty of reasons to study in the UK apart from the fact that UK is home to some of the world’s greatest cities and traditional universities. The high standard of living, top notch education, a fees structure within range, multicultural environment and remarkable scholarship opportunities are just some of the few reasons! In fact, If you look at QS World University Rankings then you will see that world’s top ranked universities are situated in UK. The entire world knows about the education quality that UK offers. You can also have the opportunity to study from world’s one of the best education provider by studying in UK.

Study in Sweden

Study in Sweden through Yatra Education Services.

Swedish universities are very popular for their outstanding reputation due to the quality of their education. Sweden can be a very good destination for your higher studies since there are some top ranked universities located. So, there are so many reasons why you should study in Sweden. Firstly, almost all the Swedish universities offer up to 100% scholarship depending on your academic achievements. Secondly international students can work full time while studying which is a great opportunity. Married students can bring their spouse and children with them and both the couple can work full time. Finally Sweden offers PR opportunities to the foreigners and it can be obtained within a reasonable time. You can visit our Facebook Page for more details.

Study in Hungary

Study in Hungary without IELTS

Hungary is a Schengen country located in Central Europe. Hungary is a diverse, exciting and a safe destination for the international students. You can study in a top Hungarian university. You can apply with or without IELTS. Visa ratio has been pretty good for renowned universities. Do not miss this golden opportunity. Bangladeshi students are highly interested to study in Hungary. A good number of Bangladeshi students are studying in Hungary right now. Hungary offers world class education, great universities and courses with reasonable fees. These are enough to attract students to study there.

Study abroad in Malta

Study in Malta Yatra Education Services.

Malta is a small southern European country located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is well known for attracting tourists. Malta is one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated country in Europe. The total population is around 420,000. Almost all kind of courses are available for the international students. Multiple intakes are available for the students which is rare in Europe. Students can apply for a diploma, Bachelor, Masters or Phd programs in Malta. Bangladeshi students are highly interested to choose Malta as their higher study destination. We can help you to get a hassle free admission and visa processing. Contact us now to start your application.

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