How can i apply for Canada student visa from Bangladesh?

Canada has become a popular choice for the Bangladeshi students and numbers of applications are increasing every year. There are few reasons behind it as well. For example; Canadian universities are recognized all around the world because of their education standards. As an international student you are guaranteed to have a quality education from there. The wide range of universities and colleges are suitable for students with different needs. Canada is one of the safest places for international students. Students can also earn a good amount of money through part time jobs while studying which is what most of the Bangladeshi students look for. International Students are also eligible for a 3 years Post Study Work permit (PSWP) after completing their program which will lead to the Canadian Residence permit.

So, lets head back to the main topic “How can i apply for Canada student visa from Bangladesh?” 

You can apply for your student visa by following the steps below –

1: Check the requirements from university websites

2: Choose your course and university/college

3: Check the language proficiency requirements (IELTS)

4: Apply to the universities,

5: Apply for your study permit/student visa. 

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Always check the university websites for authentic information. You can also check about different courses, your eligibility, application deadlines, tuition fees, location and many more.

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