What should you do during a Pandemic if your plan is to Study Abroad photo

What should you do during a Pandemic if your plan is to Study Abroad?

Hi, there. I hope you are safe from Corona virus and doing well. So, What should you do during a Pandemic if your plan is to Study Abroad ? How can you utilize your time and stay ahead of others? Well, this post is here to answers these questions.

We are all in a situation where everything feels like it’s up in the air. The future seems uncertain. But staying optimistic is all we must practice in order to stay fit and cope up with this critical situation.

When it comes to future plan, we often do not know when and how to start working on a good plan. First of all, allow yourself to think. Do not let anyone else set the boundary of your thought process for you. Think about your circumstances and try to extend your capabilities. You must believe in yourself first before anybody else does!

It feels as if somebody has pressed a pause button on our lives. But there are numerous ways to utilize this pause since the world is still out there, and one day (very soon) we all will be able to safely venture back out and explore everything like before.

With that in mind, we came up with few points to discuss so that you can make use of this precious time as you prepare for your future.

1. Safety first during this pandemic –

We all should prioritize our safety and well-being first. Keep yourself updated about COVID-19 on a regular basis to plan ahead the timeline of your journey.

2. Research on universities, scholarships, location and costs online –

Always remember that research is the key to success in decision making and goal setting. Spend some time browsing through the websites of the universities of your choice and envision where you want to see yourself in coming future. Get a clear idea about the tuition fees, living expenses and other costs of studying in different universities and cities. Learn about the scholarship requirements and compare your eligibility. You have plenty of time now to get yourself eligible for scholarships. Reconsider locations or programs you hadn’t considered before. Think about how to creatively maximize your horizon. There’s no harm in brainstorming! Hence, have fun thinking about endless possibilities to choose from!

Rather than focusing on just one, make a list of top 5 programs. Be flexible with your options and have an open mindset. When you open your mind to multiple possibilities, you create more opportunities for yourself. Explore options in multiple countries and continents. Talk to us about the pros and cons of going abroad and how to mentally prepare yourself for it. Our consultancy is free of cost.

3. Be positive –

Just because you cannot go wherever you want now, does not mean you never can. So don’t let your excitement die. Let your desire to travel outside of your comfort zone. Learn more about yourself and the world around you. Always remember that the world will recover and stand high again.

4. Plan with your family –

It’s a great time to sit with your family and talk about your plans regarding studying abroad. In this cultural context, family’s involvement is highly prioritized in such decision making. Discuss any obstacles regarding finance, bank statements and their willingness to send you away altogether. It can be incredibly helpful to know about their opinion in advance. This might feel a little difficult to discuss depending on where you are coming from, but it’s still really important to have a conversation about their concerns and address those issues before you plan things on your own without their knowledge. Talking makes things easier. Give it a try and take them on board with you.

5. Improve your English skills at your home –

The biggest problem we face with the students is their inability to initiate a generic conversation in English. To improve your English you can read English books, blogs or newspapers. You don’t need to buy them since everything is available online for free in most cases. If you don’t understand any particular word then Google for the meaning. You can learn at least 10 new words every day, keep a note of the new words and keep on doing it. Think about it, if you do it for a month then you will be able to learn 300 new words within 30 days. Isn’t it amazing?

You can also follow another technique to improve your English. Practice speaking in English at your home with a family member or with a friend over the phone for at least an hour a day and choose an informative topic to talk about. Just believe us and soon you will see tremendous improvement.

6. Prepare for an IELTS exam –

Whether you need it to get enrolled in a university or not, it will always help you to get rid of your language barrier. You do not need to buy expensive books or go to any coaching centers as of now. You can just simply go to YouTube and watch free videos of IELTS online classes. Watch one video a day and make notes of what you learn and practice them at home.

So, follow the steps and do this few things for now and you are good to go in future. Till then, stay safe and connected! Wear masks to prevent COVID19 and to show mutual respect to one another.

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